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1# * and _. Look at the following:

scala> import net.liftweb.textile._
import net.liftweb.textile._

scala> TextileParser.toHtml("foo bar")
res7: scala.xml.NodeSeq =

foo __bar__

scala> TextileParser.toHtml("bar")
res8: scala.xml.NodeSeq =


scala> TextileParser.toHtml("bar foo")
res9: scala.xml.NodeSeq =

bar *foo*

Something clearly isn't working with __ and ** ;)

#2 links with classes

scala> TextileParser.toHtml(""" "(cmsadmin-link)click here":# """)
res10: scala.xml.NodeSeq =

(cmsadmin-link)click here

Usually this should work too.

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I've fixed issued #1

I don't understand what "this should work too" means. What is the expected output.

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It should produce a link which has the class cmsadmin-link.

thanks for the quick fix!

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I need to see exactly what HTML you expect to be output... and it would help if you could point to a reference. When I enter the example that you gave into , http://textism.com/tools/textile/index.php I get:

”(cmsadmin-link)click here”:#

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"(cmsadmin-link)click here":/foo

transforms to:

click here

Done with RedCloth (ruby textile). Syntactically it's just the logical conclusion of the textile specs.

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I've updated Lift to support this construct

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great! thank you!

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