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Improve error message if database driver is not supported #57

jrudolph opened this Issue · 3 comments

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The error message occurs if no Driver is available for a DBMS (in lift versions > 1.0, in 1.0 there is only a MatchError instead)

Trying to start a small project with lift this was the first problem I stumbled over when I tried to access an SQLite DB which isn't supported AFAICS.

My attempt to improve the error message: 87bae732727ca83835477ffa575a9dfba7bc1c4d

I found no list of supported DBMS yet, I think that info should be put on a prominent place at the lift web page.



commit d01a06cea4d1e3b0e741c0495ad6889f25d9d57c
Author: Alex Boisvert
Date: Sun Oct 11 08:27:38 2009 -0700

Issue 57: Improve error message if database is not supported
This issue was closed.
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