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Lazy snippet evaluation #66

dpp opened this Issue · 6 comments

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David Pollak Marius Danciu github-importer
David Pollak

set a flag on snippets that would fork the evaluation of the snippet into a thread pool and then allow the weaving of the responses at page render time. This would be a benefit to systems that need to fork multiple long running threads (e.g., ad servers, etc.) to pull data in.

Marius Danciu

Isn't this a duplicate with #56 ?


David Pollak

No. This is during the render pipeline rather than a snippet that allows the page to render and then push some content after it's been computed. The use case for this is to call an ad server and a "like pages" server during the rendering of a page and have those snippets forked, but they must be joined before the page rendering can complete.

David Pollak

Support for deferred (background) snippet execution, closed by 297078e

This issue was closed.
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