Missing i18n propertis for Crudify generated pages #783

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the following keys which are used for i18n in Crudify are missing in i18n.lift-core.properties.

Please append them to i18n.lift-core.properties in english and german

Save = Save
Edit = Edit
Delete = Delete
Create = Create
View = View
List = List
Next = Next
Previous = Previous
Created = Created

Save = Speichern
Edit = Bearbeiten
Delete = Löschen
Create = Erstellen
View = Betrachten
List = Anzeigen
Next = Vor
Previous = Zurück
Created = Erstellt


Hi I Added i18n messages for Crudify

Created new i18n messages that previously were just a text
Added polish and german translation (as provided in the ticket description by jblankenhorn)

I wanted to create a review request (following https://www.assembla.com/wiki/show/liftweb/Guide_to_Committing_Code) but it seems one has to be privileged :)
Let me know if anything else is needed


[[file:bbTtUsdUyr4l8PeJe5cbLA]]: diff with master_2.7

Lift Web Framework member

We updated the resources for crudify in 2.5 for many languages.

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