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Squeryl-record Calendar query #914

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I just updated from Lift 2.2 to 2.3-M1 to fix #869, which appears to
have fixed the bug. Unfortunately, the upgrade broke querying by date.

// crontask.scala
class CronTask extends Record[CronTask] with KeyedRecord[Long] {
override def meta = CronTask

override val idField = new LongField(this)
val last_ran = new DateTimeField(this)

object CronTask extends CronTask with MetaRecord[CronTask]

// elsewhere
from(Schema.crontasks)(c =>
where (c.last_run < Calendar.getInstance.getTime)
select (c))

// compiler error
[error] found : java.util.Date
[error] required:
[error] where (c.last_ran < Calendar.getInstance.getTime)
[error] ^ (under getTime)


Fixed for 2.3-RC1.

@migo migo was assigned
@etorreborre etorreborre referenced this issue from a commit in etorreborre/framework
Michael Gottschalk Bugfixes #876 and #914 for squeryl-record (in queries and date query …

Closes #876
Closes #914

Mostly fixed by using new squeryl version 0.9.4-RC6 and by fixing implicit conversions.
Test cases added.
This issue was closed.
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