Make it possible to have two subclasses of ProtoUser with separate login-state. #962

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David, I saw you fixed the salt on the vars. Great! I'm updating my code (trashing my hackarounds)

I'm thinking though, do we not also need to add something for the names of the Locs? They're defined as:

def loginMenuLoc: Box[Menu] =
Full(Menu(Loc("Login", loginPath, S.??("login"), loginMenuLocParams ::: globalUserLocParams)))

for instance and I think the names we're clashing for me before so I had to add something like

val menuNamePrefix: String

override def loginMenuLoc =
Full(Menu(Loc(menuNamePrefix + "Login", loginPath, S.??("login"), loginMenuLocParams ::: globalUserLocParams)))
// + 7 more menuLoc overrides

in my hackaround to use the menus. I realize the title I wrote for this ticket doesn't cover that though but If I could trash those too I would be even more happy :)

Cheers, Viktor

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dpp commented May 7, 2011

Please take all discussions to the main Lift list... that way everyone can see them

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…ams no longer cached. Closes #989 -- formGroup for onSubmit same as submit and button.  Closes #962 -- allows for separate subclasses of ProtoUser.  Closes #979 -- allows for global LocParams in ProtoUser
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