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lift-mapper depends on derby #1181

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Jeppe Nejsum Madsen github-importer Indrajit Raychaudhuri Diego Medina David Pollak
Jeppe Nejsum Madsen

No description provided.

Jeppe Nejsum Madsen

It also depends on h2

Both should be test dependencies

Indrajit Raychaudhuri

Currently they are in runtime scope, which means they aren't really compile time dependency. Having them in runtime is meant to be a hint for the downstream libraries and apps.

Just curious, are they affecting the way apps see these runtime dependencies?

Diego Medina

I just checked and whatI notice is that if you depend on mapper, but do not depend on h2 nor derby, derby will be downloaded and be in the classpath for my project.
After doing a sbt package, I then looked inside the war and I found the derby jar is there, as well as h2.

Diego Medina fmpwizard closed this in 21ac622 June 30, 2012
Diego Medina fmpwizard reopened this June 30, 2012
David Pollak dpp merged commit f6bdd84 into from July 01, 2012
David Pollak dpp closed this July 01, 2012
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Jul 01, 2012
Diego Medina Fixed #1181 - lift-mapper depends on derby 21ac622
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  1. 4  project/Dependencies.scala
4  project/Dependencies.scala
@@ -67,8 +67,8 @@ object Dependencies {
67 67
68 68
   // Runtime scope:
69 69
   // Scope provided in runtime, available only in runtime and test classpath, not compile classpath, non-transitive by default.
-  lazy val derby      = "org.apache.derby" % "derby" % "" % "runtime" //% "optional"
-  lazy val h2database = "com.h2database"   % "h2"    % "1.2.147"  % "runtime" //% "optional"
+  lazy val derby      = "org.apache.derby" % "derby" % "" % "test" //% "optional"
+  lazy val h2database = "com.h2database"   % "h2"    % "1.2.147"  % "test" //% "optional"
72 72
73 73
   // Aliases
74 74
   lazy val h2 = h2database

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