MongoListField works with Array[Byte] #1390

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+1 , I'll add this to master in a couple of days, thanks for the contribution!

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ok, tonight is merge night, I'll merge this and the other 2 pending pull requests

@fmpwizard fmpwizard commented on the diff Jan 9, 2013
@@ -513,6 +515,8 @@ class MongoRecordExamplesSpec extends Specification with MongoTestKit {
l.jsonobjlist.value(i).id must_== ld1.jsonobjlist.value(i).id
l.jsonobjlist.value(i).name must_== ld1.jsonobjlist.value(i).name
+ //using view allows to transform to Seq to make a deep equals
+ l.binarylist.value.view must_== ld1.binarylist.value.view
fmpwizard Jan 9, 2013

running test for scala 2.9.2 I get:

[error] x List example
[error]  'SeqViewM(...): scala.collection.SeqLike$$anon$2[[B]'
[error]   is not equal to 
[error]  'SeqViewM(...): scala.collection.SeqLike$$anon$2[[B]' (MongoRecordExamplesSpec.scala:519)

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Rebased to master, this change will be on sonatype in a few hours (for 2.5-SNAPSHOT)

Thanks for the contribution! (I fixed the failing test, but if you find a better way, you can send an email to the list of make a new pull req.)

@fmpwizard fmpwizard closed this Jan 10, 2013
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