snippet Msgs.ShowAll should not be a session var #805

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More of the global nastiness around Msgs. I think I need to totally re-write the messages mechanism... perhaps to use wiring.

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There are also issues with S.error/S.notice/S.warning in the context of a CometActor

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@fmpwizard fmpwizard * Fixes 805 - snippet Msgs.ShowAll should not be a session var
By being a SessionVar, it meant that if you had two pages, one with showAll=true and the second
page with showAll=false (or omitted), messages that correspond to an ID would show or not
depending on which page was loaded last (setting the SessionVar to true or false).

Now we use a RequestVar and all is well.
@dpp dpp merged commit cde876c into master Jul 1, 2012
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