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Lift Framework 3.2.0-M1

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@farmdawgnation farmdawgnation released this 22 Jul 16:48
· 404 commits to master since this release

The Lift Committers are pleased to announce the release of Lift 3.2.0-M1 on July 23rd, 2017. This release is the first of three milestone releases for Lift 3.2.0. The next milestone release is tentatively scheduled for September 15th, 2017 with plans to finalize Lift 3.2 around the end of the year. As always, you can follow along with our progress in the GitHub Milestone View.

Please read below for the changes in this milestone.


  • (#1874) Support for HTTP patch method in RestHelper. This PR adds support for a Patch verb when using RestHelper to build APIs. Examples on how to use this can be found in the Scaladocs for the new matcher. Also, as you would expect, there are XmlPatch and JsonPatch variants as there are with Get, Post, etc.
  • (#1865) Ensure the server/port combo of the original request is preserved. This resolves bug #1794, wherein our snapshotting of the underlying request object during some async operations was incomplete. This periodically caused misbehavior that broke the ability to retrieve the host and path of the request being handled by the async operations.
  • (#1871) Bumped our logback version. This shouldn't affect applications using Lift directly, since we treat the logback dependency as something the application using Lift will provide. However, we do recommend that, if you haven't, you also upgrade to 1.2.3 or higher to resolve a security issue.

About Lift

The Lift Framework is a mature, advanced framework for the modern software engineer. There are Seven Things that set Lift apart from the other frameworks out there today: it's secure-by-default, developer-centric, scalable, capable of rich interactive behavior, modular, and designer-friendly. If you're new to Lift or interested in checking out what these things mean, we recommend checking out Simply Lift and The Lift Cookbook.

The Lift Mailing List is also a good resource for anyone to ask questions or just meet other Lift users. The Lift README is a good resource for figuring out how to use Lift in your project.