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This module provides a LDAPVendor class to perform search and bind operations against a LDAP Server,
and a base class to authentificate LDAP users (using the LDAPVendor)

1: SimpleLDAPVendor
SimpleLDAPVendor extends LDAPVendor class and provides a simple and functional LDAPVendor,
that only needs to provide a parameters var to define the LDAP Server properties .

SimpleLDAPVendor.parameters = () => Map("ldap.url"  -> "ldap://localhost",
                                        "ldap.base" -> "dc=company,dc=com",
                                        "ldap.userName" -> "cn=query,dc=company,dc=com",
                                        "ldap.password" -> "password")


SimpleLDAPVendor.parameters = () => SimpleLDAPVendor.parametersFromFile("/some/directory/")

2: LDAPProtoUser
Base class of LDAP users

 We can define :

 - loginErrorMessage = Message displayed when user auth failed, default = "Unable to login with : %s"
 - ldapUserSearch    = LDAP search sentence to search user object using login and password, default = (uid=%s)
 - rolesSearchFilter = LDAP search filter to get the user roles, default value = (&(objectClass=groupOfNames)(member=%s))
 - rolesNameRegex    = Regular expression to get the role name from his dn (maybe we should get object cn attribute or something ?)

 - We can override setRoles function if we want to define roles search manually

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