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Latest commit 656fafe Mar 15, 2016 @Shadowfiend Shadowfiend Correct omniauth-related specs.
We were looking up system properties with the same name in two tests, which led
to potential concurrency issues running those tests in parallel.
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actor/src Execute map/flatMap LAFuture tests on same thread for reliability. Oct 22, 2015
documentation-helpers/src/main/scala/net/liftweb/documentation Produce CSS selector example specs for 2.11. Jun 21, 2014
json-ext/src erasure->runtimeClass in lift-json-ext. Apr 15, 2014
json-scalaz Make JField a proper case class again. Jun 8, 2014
json-scalaz7 Bump specs2 to 3.7, scalaz to 7.2.0, fix everything. Feb 29, 2016
json Bump specs2 to 3.7, scalaz to 7.2.0, fix everything. Mar 1, 2016
markdown Fix BaseParsers ws parser to not match newlines. Nov 24, 2015
util/src Correct omniauth-related specs. Mar 15, 2016
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