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Lift based web apps have a lot of security baked
right in. Lift apps are resistant to many common
security vulnerabilities.
Here are Lift's built-in safeguards to combat
many of the
<a href="">OWASP Top 10</a> vulnerabilities:
<li>A1: Injection - Lift's Mapper and Record do proper
escaping of query strings before they are sent to the
backing store.</li>
<li>A2: XSS - Lift keeps the rendered page as a DOM
until very late in the page rendering cycle. This allows
Lift to automatically HTML escape Strings before they
are sent to the browser.</li>
<li>A3: Session Management - Lift uses the J/EE container's
session management, allows for generation of new sessions
on login, and keeps passwords hashed at all times with
per-row salt.</li>
<li>A4: Direct Object References - Lift forms do
not expose direct object references, but instead keep
the object references server-side and issues a session-specific
token that refers to the objects.</li>
<li>A5: CSRF - Lift uses session-specific bindings between
HTML elements and the server-side behaviors associated
with those elements. The bindings cannot be predicted
so it's not possible to issue Cross Site requests that
invoke session-specific bindings.</li>
<li>A8: URL Access - Lift includes <a href="">SiteMap</a> which provides declarative
rules for access to URLs in the application.
SiteMap will deny access to URLs unless the criteria
is met for accessing the specific URL.</li>
Because Lift apps are more secure by default,
developers can focus their development efforts on
features rather than writing <i>ad hoc</i> defenses
to the OWASP Top 10 and other vulnerabilities.
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