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# This script is designed to provide a full build of Liftweb, including
# the framework, modules and examples. It's intended to provide similar
# functionality to what we had when everything was in the same repo
# and we ran Maven.
# This script assumes that the superbuild directory is a sibling of
# the framework, modules and examples dirs, but you can override these
# locations with environment variables of LIFT_FRAMEWORK_HOME, LIFT_MODULES_HOME
if [ $# -lt 2 ]
echo "Usage: <sbt command> [<sbt command> ...]"
echo " This command is really geared toward the usage \"clean publish-local\","
echo " but it can probably refined for other goals."
pushd ${LIFT_FRAMEWORK_HOME:=../../framework} &&
echo "building framework in $LIFT_FRAMEWORK_HOME" &&
./liftsh "$@" && popd &&
pushd ${LIFT_MODULES_HOME:=../../modules} &&
echo "building modules in $LIFT_MODULES_HOME" &&
./liftsh "$@" && popd &&
pushd ${LIFT_EXAMPLES_HOME:=../../examples} &&
echo "building examples in $LIFT_EXAMPLES_HOME" &&
./liftsh "$@" && popd &&
echo -e "\n\nBuild Complete!\n\n"