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Library for lifting of x86, amd64, and aarch64 machine code to LLVM bitcode
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Azeezah and pgoodman Modify lifter to be compatible with LLVM 10 (#384)
* Modify lifter to be compatible with LLVM 10

* Maintain backward compatibility

* Fix typo (missing comma)

* Reverse backward conditionals

* Fix style (variable names and whitespace)

* Relegate compatibility concerns to Compat/DataLayout.h

* Refactor Compat/DataLayout.h for clarity

* Update DataLayout.h

* Simplify things.
Latest commit d1bb6d6 Dec 11, 2019

Remill Slack Chat

Remill is a static binary translator that translates machine code instructions into LLVM bitcode. It translates x86 and amd64 machine code (including AVX and AVX512) into LLVM bitcode. AArch64 support is underway.

Remill focuses on accurately lifting instructions. It is meant to be used as a library for other tools, e.g. McSema.

Build Status

Linux Build Status

Additional Documentation

Getting Help

If you are experiencing undocumented problems with Remill then ask for help in the #binary-lifting channel of the Empire Hacking Slack.

Supported Platforms

Remill is supported on Linux platforms and has been tested on Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04, and 18.04. Remill also works on macOS, and has experimental support for Windows.


Most of Remill's dependencies can be provided by the cxx-common repository. Trail of Bits hosts downloadable, pre-built versions of cxx-common, which makes it substantially easier to get up and running with Remill. Nonetheless, the following table represents most of Remill's dependencies.

Name Version
Git Latest
CMake 3.2+
Google Flags Latest
Google Log Latest
Google Test Latest
LLVM 3.5+
Clang 3.5+
Intel XED Latest
Python 2.7
Unzip Latest
ccache Latest

Getting and Building the Code

On Linux

First, update aptitude and get install the baseline dependencies.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

sudo apt-get install \
     git \
     python2.7 \
     wget \
     curl \
     build-essential \
     libtinfo-dev \
     lsb-release \
     zlib1g-dev \

# Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04
sudo apt-get install realpath

Next, clone the repository. This will clone the code into the remill directory.

git clone

Next, we build Remill. This script will create another directory, remill-build, in the current working directory. All remaining dependencies needed by Remill will be built in the remill-build directory.


Next, we can install Remill. Remill itself is a library, and so there is no real way to try it. However, you can head on over to the McSema repository, which uses Remill for lifting instructions.

cd ./remill-build
sudo make install

We can also build and run Remill's test suite.

cd ./remill-build
make test_dependencies
make test
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