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Script for publishing all modules after a Lift release
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Shell script for publishing all the modules listed in modules-step-1.txt (by default) to Sonatype.

Run: sh [file] and follow the prompts.

Requires that you have:

  • Commit rights to all the modules
  • Publish permissions to net.liftmodules Sonatype repository
  • The SBT GPG plugin in your SBT global plugins.
  • A valid PGP key registered with Sonatype.
  • Your Sonatype login in /private/liftmodules/sonatype.credentials

For details, see Releasing the modules on the Lift Wiki.

Version numbers

The file passed to contains the location of the GIT project to build. E.g.,

It can optionally include a version number:,0.2

When a version number is supplied, that version number is used as the module version number, replacing anything in the module's build.sbt

If no version number is supplied, the version is taken from build.sbt.

Snapshot builds

When prompted for a Lift version, we normally enter a final, milestone or RC Lift version such as 2.5-RC4. However, you can also enter a snapshot version number such as 3.0-SNAPSHOT. If you do this, the module version has -SNAPSHOT added to it and the module will be published to the Sonatype snapshot repository.

Lift series support

This script support the 2.x and 3.x series of Lift. The difference is in which Scala cross-build versions are force into a module build when the script runs.

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