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This pretty repo is a collection of footprints I have used with KiCad. To add this using the Github plugin, simply copy the text in the block below to your clipboard, then paste that onto your footprint library table editor in KiCad.

    (name github-test)
    (type Github)
    (options "")
    (descr "Testing of GITHUB_PLUGIN for KiCad, it has some footprints which came from various other libraries on my system.")
  • 100-LQFP This is a 100 pin LQFP that I like when I am wearing a blue shirt and eating pizza.

  • CHP-081TA This is a piano key toggle switch I use to hang off the end of a board and set options on a 4.-20 ma input circuit.

ToDo: write a python script which creates a file like this one automatically from the contents of a pretty directory. Of particular value are two results:

  1. The 'copy and paste text block' above, which makes adding libraries to the table editor easy.
  2. The footprint specific text, which should be extracted from the description field of each respective footprint. These descriptions can be uses in the un-numbered bullets above.


KiCad footprints, in PRETTY format.



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