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Gate One and all bundled original code...
Copyright 2011 Liftoff Software Corporation
Gate One is dual-licensed: AGPLv3 or Commercial Licensing.
Unless you have been granted a license from Liftoff Software, Gate One and all
bundled software--except where noted--is licensed under the GNU Affero General
Public License version 3. A copy of the AGPLv3 license should have been
included with the Gate One software as AGPLv3.txt. If not, a copy may be
obtained by visiting:
If the terms of the AGPLv3 license do not suit your needs, a proprietary
license may be purchased from Liftoff Software:
Included 3rd party items and their licenses
Specific files
SVG Icons (inline in gateone.js) were taken from GoSquared which released them
under the, "free for you to use as you wish" license =). See:
Portional items
Portions of Gate One's JavaScript contain code taken from the excellent MochiKit
library which is licensed under the MIT license:
The portions of code taken from MochiKit are explicitly indicated in gateone.js.
If we failed to attribute or state the license of something included with Gate
One please let us know so it can be corrected.
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