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To install Gate One from source execute the following from this directory:
python install
By default it will be installed in /usr/local. If you want to install
it somewhere else just pass --prefix:
python install --prefix=/usr
If using virtualenv: Simply running `. /path/to/your/env/bin/activate` script
and then running 'python install' will install Gate One into your
virtualenv environment.
To build an RPM package:
sudo python bdist_rpm
# The .rpm will end up in the 'dist' directory
To build a Debian package (.deb):
sudo python --command-packages=stdeb.command bdist_deb
# The .deb will end up in the 'deb_dist' directory
NOTE: The above command requires stdeb ( You
can usually install it with one of the following commands on most distros:
sudo pip install stdeb
sudo easy_install stdeb
To start Gate One interactively:
sudo gateone # Recommended if running for the first time (to see any errors)
To stop/start/restart Gate One (as a service):
Red Hat/Debian/Ubuntu: sudo service gateone stop/start/restart
Nearly everything else: sudo /etc/init.d/gateone stop/start/restart
To make Gate One start on boot:
Ubuntu: Starts on boot by default
Debian: update-rc.d gateone defaults
Red Hat/CentOS: chkconfig --add gateone
Gentoo: rc-update add gateone default
Special note for Ubuntu systems: If you *don't* want Gate One to start on boot
just create /etc/init/gateone.override:
touch /etc/init/gateone.override
(It's the "Ubuntu way")