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Commits on Sep 22, 2012
  1. Changed it around a bit to be more explicit and reliable.

    Removed the .kate-swp file that accidentally made it into the repo (in gateone/tests/chat).
    Added *.kate-swp to .gitignore to ensure that doesn't happen again.
    setup.cfg:  Changed the package release version from 2 to 1.
    setup.cfg:  Changed doc_files to point to the HTML docs instead of just the README.rst.  So when building RPMs you should get the docs put in the right place (usually /usr/share/doc/gateone-<version>/)
  2. Added a whole bunch of init scripts to properly daemonize Gate One on…

    … each of the following platforms: Debian/Ubuntu, Gentoo, and Red Hat/CentOS. These should be automatically installed when you run 'python install' and automatically included with the appropriate paths when you create .deb or .rpm packages.
    Added an INSTALL.txt
    Removed MANIFEST and created a  It's better this way.
    Setup configuration:  Removed the tornado dependency from the setup scripts since these dependencies wind up in the .rpm and .deb packages but it is recommended that users install tornado using pip.  If the user forgets Gate One will display a helpful message about this in the logs and refuse to start.
    Documentation:  Rebuilt the docs and added a few things to the release notes.
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