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Latest commit 0ea8ad1 Sep 13, 2014 @liftoff core/configuration.py: Removed the GATEONE_DIR import since it is no …
…longer users.

auth/authentication.py:  Removed GATEONE_DIR import (was never really used anyway).
auth/authorization.py:  Removed GATEONE_DIR import (not used).
Relocated 50terminal.conf settings template from gateone/templates/settings to gateone/applications/terminal/templates/settings.
app_terminal.py:  Everything now uses `pkg_resources` to find the paths to things and list directories and whatnot.
Themes:  Added a '.✈prefsdialog' class for preference dialogs (so they aren't completely transparent).  Also added this class to a whole ton of dialogs throughout Gate One.
Themes:  Added a '.✈alertdialog' class for `GateOne.Visual.alert()`.
Themes:  Added a '.✈confirmdialog' class for `GateOne.Visual.confirm()`.