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DataSync example


To start the example, you have to have the ETCD running first. Use the following command to pull the image and start the database:

sudo docker run -p 2379:2379 --name etcd --rm \ /usr/local/bin/etcd \
    -advertise-client-urls \

It will bring up the ETCD listening on port 2379 for the client communication.


In the example, the location of the ETCD configuration file is defined with the -etcd-config argument or through the ETCD_CONFIG environment variable. By default, the application will try to search for etcd.conf in the current working directory. If the configuration file cannot be loaded or is not found, ETCD plugin tries to connect using default configuration.

To run the example, type:

go run main.go deps.go [-etcd-config <config-filepath>]
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