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syntax = "proto3";
package vpp.l3;
option go_package = ";vpp_l3";
import "";
option (gogoproto.messagename_all) = true;
message Route {
enum RouteType {
INTRA_VRF = 0; /* Forwarding is being done in the specified vrf_id only, or according to
the specified outgoing interface. */
INTER_VRF = 1; /* Forwarding is being done by lookup into a different VRF,
specified as via_vrf_id field. In case of these routes, the outgoing
interface should not be specified. The next hop IP address
does not have to be specified either, in that case VPP does full
recursive lookup in the via_vrf_id VRF. */
DROP = 2; /* Drops the network communication designated for specific IP address */
RouteType type = 10;
uint32 vrf_id = 1; /* VRF identifier, field required for remote client. This value should be
consistent with VRF ID in static route key. If it is not, value from
key will be preffered and this field will be overriden.
Non-zero VRF has to be explicitly created (see api/models/vpp/l3/vrf.proto) */
string dst_network = 3; /* ip address + prefix in format <address>/<prefix> */
string next_hop_addr = 4; /* next hop address */
string outgoing_interface = 5; /* outgoing interface name */
uint32 weight = 6; /* weight (used for unequal cost load balncing) */
uint32 preference = 7; /* The preference of the path. Lowest preference is preferred. */
/* Only paths with the best preference contribute to forwarding. */
/* (a poor man's primary and backup) */
uint32 via_vrf_id = 8; /* Specifies VRF ID for the next hop lookup / recursive lookup */
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