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VPP Agent on ARM64

Please note that the content of this repository is currently WORK IN PROGRESS.

The VPP Agent is successfully built also for ARM64 platform. In this folder you find the documentation related to ARM64:


For a quick start with the VPP Agent, you can use pre-built Docker images with the Agent and VPP on Dockerhub.

  1. Start ETCD and Kafka on your host (e.g. in Docker as described here and here ). Note: The Agent in the pre-built Docker image will not start if it can't connect to both Etcd and Kafka.

  2. Run VPP + VPP Agent in a Docker image:

docker pull ligato/vpp-agent-arm64
docker run -it --name vpp --rm ligato/vpp-agent-arm64
  1. Configure the VPP agent using agentctl:
docker exec -it vpp agentctl -h
  1. Check the configuration (using agentctl or directly using VPP console):
docker exec -it vpp agentctl -e show
docker exec -it vpp vppctl -s localhost:5002

Next Steps

Read the README for the Development Docker Image for more details.

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