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// Copyright (c) 2018 Cisco and/or its affiliates.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at:
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
package descriptor
import (
prototypes ""
ifmodel ""
kvs ""
const (
// InterfaceWatcherName is the name of the descriptor watching Linux interfaces
// in the default namespace.
InterfaceWatcherName = "linux-interface-watcher"
// notificationDelay specifies how long to delay notification when interface changes.
// Typically interface is created in multiple stages and we do not want to notify
// scheduler about intermediate states.
notificationDelay = 500 * time.Millisecond
// InterfaceWatcher watches default namespace for newly added/removed Linux interfaces.
type InterfaceWatcher struct {
// input arguments
log logging.Logger
kvscheduler kvs.KVScheduler
ifHandler linuxcalls.NetlinkAPIRead
// go routine management
ctx context.Context
cancel context.CancelFunc
wg sync.WaitGroup
// a set of interfaces present in the default namespace
ifacesMu sync.Mutex
ifaces map[string]struct{}
// interface changes delayed to give Linux time to "finalize" them
pendingIntfs map[string]bool // interface name -> exists?
// conditional variable to check if the list of interfaces is in-sync with
// Linux network stack
intfsInSync bool
intfsInSyncCond *sync.Cond
// Linux notifications
notifCh chan netlink.LinkUpdate
doneCh chan struct{}
// NewInterfaceWatcher creates a new instance of the Interface Watcher.
func NewInterfaceWatcher(kvscheduler kvs.KVScheduler, ifHandler linuxcalls.NetlinkAPI, log logging.PluginLogger) *InterfaceWatcher {
descriptor := &InterfaceWatcher{
log: log.NewLogger("if-watcher"),
kvscheduler: kvscheduler,
ifHandler: ifHandler,
ifaces: make(map[string]struct{}),
pendingIntfs: make(map[string]bool),
notifCh: make(chan netlink.LinkUpdate),
doneCh: make(chan struct{}),
descriptor.intfsInSyncCond = sync.NewCond(&descriptor.ifacesMu)
descriptor.ctx, descriptor.cancel = context.WithCancel(context.Background())
return descriptor
// GetDescriptor returns descriptor suitable for registration with the KVScheduler.
func (w *InterfaceWatcher) GetDescriptor() *kvs.KVDescriptor {
return &kvs.KVDescriptor{
Name: InterfaceWatcherName,
KeySelector: w.IsLinuxInterfaceNotification,
Retrieve: w.Retrieve,
// IsLinuxInterfaceNotification returns <true> for keys representing
// notifications about Linux interfaces in the default network namespace.
func (w *InterfaceWatcher) IsLinuxInterfaceNotification(key string) bool {
return strings.HasPrefix(key, ifmodel.InterfaceHostNameKeyPrefix)
// Retrieve returns key with empty value for every currently existing Linux interface
// in the default network namespace.
func (w *InterfaceWatcher) Retrieve(correlate []kvs.KVWithMetadata) (values []kvs.KVWithMetadata, err error) {
// wait until the set of interfaces is in-sync with the Linux network stack
if !w.intfsInSync {
defer w.ifacesMu.Unlock()
for ifName := range w.ifaces {
values = append(values, kvs.KVWithMetadata{
Key: ifmodel.InterfaceHostNameKey(ifName),
Value: &prototypes.Empty{},
Origin: kvs.FromSB,
return values, nil
// StartWatching starts interface watching.
func (w *InterfaceWatcher) StartWatching() error {
// watch default namespace to be aware of interfaces not created by this plugin
err := w.ifHandler.LinkSubscribe(w.notifCh, w.doneCh)
if err != nil {
err = errors.Errorf("failed to subscribe link: %v", err)
return err
go w.watchDefaultNamespace()
return nil
// StopWatching stops interface watching.
func (w *InterfaceWatcher) StopWatching() {
// watchDefaultNamespace watches for notification about added/removed interfaces
// to/from the default namespace.
func (w *InterfaceWatcher) watchDefaultNamespace() {
defer w.wg.Done()
// get the set of interfaces already available in the default namespace
links, err := w.ifHandler.GetLinkList()
if err == nil {
for _, link := range links {
if enabled, err := w.ifHandler.IsInterfaceUp(link.Attrs().Name); enabled && err == nil {
w.ifaces[link.Attrs().Name] = struct{}{}
} else {
w.log.Warnf("failed to list interfaces in the default namespace: %v", err)
// mark the state in-sync with the Linux network stack
w.intfsInSync = true
for {
select {
case linkNotif := <-w.notifCh:
case <-w.ctx.Done():
// processLinkNotification processes link notification received from Linux.
func (w *InterfaceWatcher) processLinkNotification(linkUpdate netlink.LinkUpdate) {
defer w.ifacesMu.Unlock()
ifName := linkUpdate.Attrs().Name
isEnabled := linkUpdate.Attrs().OperState != netlink.OperDown &&
linkUpdate.Attrs().OperState != netlink.OperNotPresent
_, isPendingNotif := w.pendingIntfs[ifName]
if isPendingNotif {
// notification for this interface is already scheduled, just update the state
w.pendingIntfs[ifName] = isEnabled
if !w.needsUpdate(ifName, isEnabled) {
// ignore notification if the interface admin status remained the same
if isEnabled {
// do not notify until interface is truly finished
w.pendingIntfs[ifName] = true
go w.delayNotification(ifName)
// notification about removed interface is propagated immediately
w.notifyScheduler(ifName, false)
// delayNotification delays notification about enabled interface - typically
// interface is created in multiple stages and we do not want to notify scheduler
// about intermediate states.
func (w *InterfaceWatcher) delayNotification(ifName string) {
defer w.wg.Done()
select {
case <-w.ctx.Done():
case <-time.After(notificationDelay):
// applyDelayedNotification applies delayed interface notification.
func (w *InterfaceWatcher) applyDelayedNotification(ifName string) {
defer w.ifacesMu.Unlock()
// in the meantime the status may have changed and may not require update anymore
isEnabled := w.pendingIntfs[ifName]
if w.needsUpdate(ifName, isEnabled) {
w.notifyScheduler(ifName, isEnabled)
delete(w.pendingIntfs, ifName)
// notifyScheduler notifies scheduler about interface change.
func (w *InterfaceWatcher) notifyScheduler(ifName string, enabled bool) {
var value proto.Message
if enabled {
w.ifaces[ifName] = struct{}{}
value = &prototypes.Empty{}
} else {
delete(w.ifaces, ifName)
Key: ifmodel.InterfaceHostNameKey(ifName),
Value: value,
Metadata: nil,
func (w *InterfaceWatcher) needsUpdate(ifName string, isEnabled bool) bool {
_, wasEnabled := w.ifaces[ifName]
return isEnabled != wasEnabled
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