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GRPC notification server example

The example shows how to use vpp-agent to receive VPP notifications from the vpp-agent. Vpp-agent streams VPP notifications to all servers provided via grpc.conf file.

How to run example:

  1. Run vpp-agent with GRPC endpoint set.
vpp-agent --grpc-config=/opt/vpp-agent/dev/grpc.conf
  1. Run GRPC server (example):
go run main.go

Several flags can be set:

  • -address=<address> - for grpc server address/socket-file (otherwise localhost will be used)
  • -socket-type=<type> - options are tcp, tcp4, tcp6, unix or unixpacket. Defaults to tcp if not set
  • request-period=<time_in_sec> - time between grpc requests

The example prints all received VPP notifications.

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