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Web Developer Checklist

A browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera.

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Various checks are performed on a website to make sure best practices are met. Those checks are handled by the rules engine.

These are the rules:


Add meaning with microdata

Checks that either itemscope attributes or <script type="application/ld+json"> exist.

Meta description

Checks that <meta name="description" /> exist in the <head>.

Robots.txt exist

Checks if robots.txt exist in the root of the website.


CSS media queries

Checks if @media exist in any linked stylesheet.

Viewport meta tag

Checks that <meta name="viewport" /> exist in the <head>.



Checks that either <link rel="shortcut icon" /> or <meta itemtype="image"> exist in the <head>. If not, it checks if favicon.ico exist in the root of the website.

Use friendly URLs

Checks that the URL doesn't contain any URL parameters. Technically, it checks if a ? exist in the URL.

HTML validator

Runs HTML validation to ensure the website adhere to the W3C HTML standard.


WAI-ARIA Landmarks

Check that a role attribute exist on any element on the webste.

Use 'alt' attributes on images

Checks all images for missing alt attributes.

Environment integration

Twitter cards

Checks that <meta name="twitter:title" /> exist.


Checks that <meta property="og:*" /> exist on the website.


Checks that either <meta name="application-name" /> or <meta name="msapplication" /> exist.

Apple iOS

Checks that <link rel="apple-*" /> exist on the website.


Number of DOM elements

Checks that the number of DOM elements on the page doesn't exeed 2000.

Google PageSpeed score

Checks the page on Google PageSpeed Insights to make sure it gets a score of at least 90.


To fork and build your own copy of this extension, simply clone the repo and run npm run build.