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A collection of Item- and Project Templates for Visual Studio
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SideWaffle for Visual Studio

Build status Join the chat at - download the extension

The ultimate web developer template pack

A collection of Item Templates for Visual Studio 2012/2013/2015 that makes any web developer's life much easier.

The result of a search for "angular" in the "Add new item" dialog The result of a search for "angular" in the "Add new item" dialog

Add new templates

  1. Fork the project
  2. Clone it to your computer
  3. Install the Visual Studio 2012 SDK, Visual Studio 2013 SDK, or Visual Studio 2015 SDK.
  4. Open the solution in Visual Studio
  5. Watch this video tutorial
  6. After adding your templates, send us a pull request

Only high quality templates with broad appeal will be accepted

SideWaffle templates can be installed in Visual Studio 2012, 2013 and 2015, regardless of the version you use for creating new templates.

Learn more about on MSDN about customizing item templates

Releasing updates

Here in the beginning, we are probably going to release updates rather frequently to get a feel for what the best user experience might be. Expect that we will be moving toward a fixed schedule - for instance every 2-3 weeks - when we have more templates submitted from the Visual Studio community.

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