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Apidoc (javadoc and scaladoc) support for the project documentation tool paradox
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A paradox directive that automatically adds links for classes from documentation to scaladoc and javadoc.


addSbtPlugin("com.lightbend.paradox" % "sbt-paradox-apidoc" % "<latest>")

You can now create 'grouped' javadoc/scaladoc references in paradox like:

Look into the documentation for @apidoc[MyClass].

This will automatically find the FQDN of the class when it is unique. When the name does not uniquely identify the class, the plugin will check for the scaladsl/javadsl package convention found in Akka projects. If that doesn't produce an unambigious result, you will have to use the FQDN.

To limit the packages that are searched for classes, configure the apidocRootPackage setting:

import com.lightbend.paradox.apidoc.ApidocPlugin.autoImport.apidocRootPackage

  apidocRootPackage := "akka",

When only Scaladoc is generated

If the project does not publish Javadoc, the corresponding Javadoc base URL can be cleared and the Java links will point to the javadsl package in the Scaladocs.


"" -> ""


The license is Apache 2.0, see LICENSE.

Maintanance notes

This project is NOT supported under the Lightbend subscription.

The project is maintained mostly by @richardimaoka and @akka-team.

Feel free to ping above maintainers for code review or discussions. Pull requests are very welcome–thanks in advance!

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