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A Paradox directive to include standardised project information into the generated documentation
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A paradox directive that includes standardised project information in the generated documentation.


Add the Paradox plug-in as sbt plug-on

addSbtPlugin("com.lightbend.paradox" % "sbt-paradox-project-info" % <latest>)

Create a project info file in project/project-info.conf using HOCON format:

project-info {
  # version is overridden from the `projectInfoVersion` key (which defaults to sbt's project version)
  version: "current"
  scala-versions: ["2.12", "2.13"]
  jdk-versions: ["OpenJDK 8"]
  core {
    title: "The core project"
    // if undefined, sbt's crossScalaVersions are used
    scala-versions: ${project-info.scala-versions}
    jdk-versions: ${project-info.jdk-versions}
    jpms-name: "alpakka.core"
    snapshots: {
      text: "Snapshots are available"
      url: "snapshots.html"
      new-tab: false
    issues: {
      url: ""
      text: "Github issues"
    release-notes: {
      url: ""
      text: "Github releases"
    api-docs: [
        text: "Scaladoc"
        url: ""${project-info.version}"/akka/stream/alpakka/index.html"
    forums: [
        text: "Lightbend Discuss"
        url: ""
        text: "akka/alpakka-kafka Gitter channel"
        url: ""
    levels: [
        readiness: Supported
        since: "2018-11-22"
        since-version: "0.22"
        readiness: Incubating
        since: "2018-08-22"
        since-version: "0.16"
        note: "Community rocks this module"

Full Source

Use the @@project-info directive in the Paradox markdown files and reference the project by its sbt projectId (when using the project sbt macro it is the name of the val).

# The Test Kit

@@project-info { projectId="core" }

The quick brown fox...



The license is Apache 2.0, see LICENSE.

Maintenance notes

This project is NOT supported under the Lightbend subscription.

Feel free to ping contributors for code review or discussions. Pull requests are very welcome–thanks in advance!

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