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JSON random data generation based on template
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Generate random JSON documents from a template. Template itself is a JSON document.


 "field" : "value",

"value" is the value of "field" in output.

 "field" : {"$str": { "minlength":2,"maxlength":64 } }

Generates a string value for "field" with length 2-64

 "field" : { "$choose" : [ 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 ] }

"field" value is chosen randomly from one of the values in the array.

 "field" : { "$optional" : { "percent":50, 
       "value": { "$choose" : [ "true","false" ] }}}

"field" is optional, exists in the output document with 50% probability. If it exists, its value is a random selection between "true" and "false".

 "field" : { "$date" : { "min":"2000/01/01", "max":"2015/31/12"} }

"field" is a random date between 2000/01/01 and 2015/31/12

 "field" : { "$date" : { "fwd":"10d", "bck":"1m"} }

"field" is a random date between 1 month back and 10 days forward from now.

 "field" : "$int"

"field" is a random integer

"state" : { "$propfile" : { "file":"",
           "choose":"stateAbbreviations" } }

"state" is randomly initialized from the property "stateAbbreviations", which is a comma or space delimited string, from the file "".

 "arr": { "$array" : { "element" : { 
          "fld3":{"$date": { "fwd":"10d","bck":"1d"}}
      } } }

"arr" is a random array, whose elements are "fld1", a random string, "fld2" whose value is 2, and "fld3", a random date.


To add new generation commands:

  • Implement the Generator interface. The generate() function gets an instance of the Json node containing either the parameters to the generator, or the generator node itself.
  "field" : $str,

In this case, the generate function gets a TextNode with value "$str".

  "field": {"$str": { "minlength":1 } }

In this case, the generate function gets an ObjectNode with value { "minlength":1 }

  • Register an instance of the new class to GeneratorRegistry.getDefaultInstance


The license of lightblue is GPLv3. See LICENSE in root of project for the full text.

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