Lightbox Android framework for connecting to Web Services
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Lightbox Android Webservices framework


This is the Lightbox Android framework for connecting to Web Services. It allows you te easily connect to any kind of web service, but it works out of the box for REST web services using Json.

The framework is base on automatic mapping. his means that you'll need to write Java object that map the Json objects sent by the web service you want to use.

But it's actually more than that, since it also allows you to display images from the network, easily get the location, perform background task, and contains others useful utilities classes.

Demo application

To understand how the framework works, the best solution is to have a look at the demo application Tweets Nearby. This little application will display the tweets arround you, and also let you search for a foursquare place to display the tweets arround somewhere else.

Tweets Nearby Icon

Tweets Nearby Screenshot