SmoothGrad implementation in PyTorch
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SmoothGrad implementation in PyTorch

PyTorch implementation of SmoothGrad: removing noise by adding noise.

Vanilla Gradients SmoothGrad Guided backpropagation Guided SmoothGrad

And other techniques such as the following are implemented.


git clone


Save the saliency maps using VanillaGrad, GuidedBackpropGrad, SmoothGrad, GuidedBackpropSmoothGrad.

python --img <image-path>

Save the Grad-CAM image.

python --img <image-path>

If you do not specify an image path, read the raccoon's data (scipy.misc.face()).


  • PyTorch
  • torch-vision
  • numpy
  • scipy
  • OpenCV

Environment under Python 3.5.2 is tested.


This code is insipired by pytorch-grad-cam.