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This repository is maintained William (aka lightmaster)

William will be maintaining on behalf of Brian Underdown .Brian no longer wishes to contribute and does not want to stifle progress . Please use the support available via the Github issues function or via email

Meteobridge-Weather34-Template MB-UB40.1-IHVN

Github repository for the Meteobridge version of the original weather34 template Weather Template for Meteobridge users only

This work is not permitted to be used in any other versions without prior permission unless listed below

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Permission is granted for use in Cumulus version maintained by Ken True

Permission is granted for use in Weewx version maintained by Ian Millard

*This work means CSS/SVG/PHP .


for those not using mysql and using weather underground for chart data unfortunately this is no longer supported and only mysql is supported .this has been on the cards for sometime and crosschecking some sites i have to hand using the wucharts option i see no chart data any longer or the service is intermittent .sorry for any inconvience but it is not a template issue. the issue lies with weather underground and it looks like they may have discontinued this facility .If it returns in some form it may be possible to use again but it will have to be a tried and tested feature of weather underground .as of today 19th May 2019 the option and related files were removed ..brian

Basic Setup guide

Myqsl Setup Guide

Weather34 Historic Timeline of design 2014-2019

Meteobridge Version Screenshot MB-UB40.1-IHVN