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@PierreRochard PierreRochard released this Sep 6, 2021

Copying your REST URL caused the app to crash, that's fixed now.

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@PierreRochard PierreRochard released this Sep 23, 2019

Some Windows users reported the previous release having an error with shiboken2 dll loading.

The create seed method was giving an unknown grpc error, more debugging output has been added.

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@PierreRochard PierreRochard released this Apr 12, 2019

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@PierreRochard PierreRochard released this Apr 11, 2019

  • Remove testnet, it was adding a lot of complexity and few seem to be using it
  • Fix a divide by zero bug for LND / bitcoind sync progress
  • Remove calls to a non existent error_message class member, just crash instead
  • Switch datadir to default if the one in the config is not found
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@PierreRochard PierreRochard released this Apr 6, 2019

Users of older Node Launcher versions automatically downloaded the latest RC release of LND, which caused an irreversible database migration. This allows them to continue to use the Node Launcher!

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@PierreRochard PierreRochard released this Apr 2, 2019

Windows 10 was suffering from a bug about SSL on launch because I built the package with Anaconda instead of the "official" Python3. Oops!

I also added a notification on start to avoid confusion about the lack of a window


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@PierreRochard PierreRochard released this Apr 2, 2019

This release makes big changes to the Node Launcher!

Nodes now automatically start in the background

The UI is now in a system tray icon



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