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Lightning Signer

Improving Lightning Node Security

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  1. c-lightning c-lightning Public

    Forked from ElementsProject/lightning

    c-lightning — a Lightning Network implementation in C

    C 2 3

  2. rust-lightning rust-lightning Public

    Forked from lightningdevkit/rust-lightning

    Rust-Lightning, not Rusty's Lightning

    Rust 1

  3. lnd lnd Public

    Forked from lightningnetwork/lnd

    Lightning Network Daemon ⚡️

    Go 1

  4. btcwallet btcwallet Public

    Forked from btcsuite/btcwallet

    A secure bitcoin wallet daemon written in Go (golang)

    Go 2

  5. eclair eclair Public

    Forked from ACINQ/eclair

    A scala implementation of the Lightning Network.


  6. btcutil btcutil Public

    Forked from btcsuite/btcutil

    Provides bitcoin-specific convenience functions and types



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