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Lightning python client

Python client for the lightning API


Install using:

pip install lightning-python

Compatible with Python 2.7 and 3.4.


creating a session

from lightning import Lightning

lgn = Lightning(host="")

lgn.create_session("provide an optional session name")

creating a visualization

Methods are available for the default visualization types included with Lightning


setting options

Visualizations can be customized through optional parameters

lgn.scatter([1,2,3],[2,9,4], label=[1,2,3], size=[5,10,20])

using custom plots

For custom plots not included with the default set, specify by name and provide data as a dictionary

lgn.plot(data={"series": [1,2,3]}, type='line')


See a collection of IPython notebooks.

complete documentation

Available here.

running tests

Requires pytest

Clone the repo and install the library locally:

$ pip install -e .

The tests need to be run against a lightning server. By default they expect this to be found at http://localhost:3000.

To run the tests:

$ py.test

or with against a custom host url

$ py.test --host=


We maintain a chatroom on gitter. If there's no response there: file an issue or reach out on twitter (@mathisonian, @thefreemanlab)