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cdecker autopilot: Add plugin binary and README file
Signed-off-by: Christian Decker <>
Latest commit 187c66a Apr 29, 2019


This is a version of Rene Pickhardt's Autopilot library ported as a c-lightning plugin.

⚠️ This plugin is still being ported and may not be currently reflect the entire functionality. 🚧

Command line options

The plugin exposes the following new command line options:

  • --autopilot-percent: What percentage of funds should be under the autopilots control? You may not want the autopilot to manage all of your funds, in case you still want to manually open a channel. This parameter limits the amount the plugin will use to manage its own channels. Default value is 75% of available funds.
  • --autopilot-num-channels: How many channels should the autopilot aim for? Default is 10 channels overall, including any manually opened channels.
  • --autopilot-min-channel-size-msat: Minimum channel size to open. The plugin will never open channels smaller than this amount. Default value is 100000000msat = 1mBTC.

JSON-RPC methods

The plugin also exposes the following methods:

  • autopilot-run-once: let's the plugin inspect the current state of channels and, if required, will search for candidate peers to open new channels with. The optional argument dryrun will run the recommendation but not actually connect to the peer or open channels.

At the time of writing the recommendations may take considerable time and consume a lot of CPU cycles due to the use of multiple algorithms that are not tuned to the network's size.

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