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Rebalance plugin

This plugin moves liquidity between your channels using circular payments:


For general plugin installation instructions see the repos main


Once the plugin is installed and active, you can use the lightning-cli to rebalance channels like this:

lightning-cli rebalance outgoing_scid incoming_scid [msatoshi] [maxfeepercent] [retry_for] [exemptfee]

If you want to skip/default certain optional parameters but use others, you can use always the lightning-cli -k (key=value) syntax like this:

lightning-cli rebalance -k outgoing_scid=1514942x51x0 incoming_scid=1515133x10x0 maxfeepercent=1


  • The outgoing_scid is the short_channel_id of the sending channel,
  • The incoming_scid is the short_channel_id of the receiving channel.
  • OPTIONAL: The msatoshi parameter sets the amount in milli-satoshis to be transferred. If the parameter is left out, the plugin will calucate an amount that will balance the channels 50%/50%. The parameter can also be given in other denominations by appending i.e. '1000000sat', '0.01btc' or '10mbtc'.
  • OPTIONAL: maxfeepercent is a perecentage limit of the money to be paid in fees and defaults to 0.5.
  • OPTIONAL: retry_for defines the number of seconds the plugin will retry to find a suitable route. Default: 60 seconds.
  • OPTIONAL: The exemptfee option can be used for tiny payments which would be dominated by the fee leveraged by forwarding nodes. Setting exemptfee allows the maxfeepercent check to be skipped on fees that are smaller than exemptfee (default: 5000 millisatoshi).

Tips and Tricks

  • To find the correct channel IDs, you can use the summary plugin which can be found here.
  • The ideal amount is not too big, but not too small: it is difficult to find a route for a big payment, however some node refuses to forward too small amounts (i.e. less than a thousand msatoshi).
  • After some failed attempts, may worth checking the lightningd logs for further information.
  • Channels have a channel_reserve_satoshis value, which is usually 1% of the channel's total balance. Initially, this reserve may not be met, as only one side has funds; but the protocol ensures that there is always progress toward meeting this reserve, and once met, it is maintained. Therefore you cannot rebalance a channel to be completely empty or full.
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