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cc_dashboard aggregates the build status of projects from multiple CruiseControl servers on to a single "dashboard" web page
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cc_dashboard - Aggregates the build status of projects from multiple CruiseControl servers on to a single “dashboard” web page

cc_dashboard will combine the build status of projects from multiple CruiseControl servers (actually, from any Continuous Integration server that exposes build status information using the “cctray xml format” - see below) on to a single “dashboard” web page.

cc_dashboard is a Rails application. It has been tested against Rails 2.1 and Rails 2.3.5, but because it is very, very simple it should run under earlier and later versions of Rails.

Why cc_dashboard?

As the number of Rails projects I was using increased I was then forced to split them amongst multiple CruiseControl.rb servers to improve build times. However, I now had the problem of monitoring multiple CruiseControl.rb servers. So the answer was to aggregate all the build status using cc_dashboard!

Why did I write it in Rails? Because I was working with a large number of Rails projects at the time and had the Rails infrastructure in place to host cc_dashboard!


Assuming you have the base Rails gems installed (no database needed):

  • Unpack the cc_dashboard zip/tar

  • Create a config/cc_dashboard_config.rb file with a list of “cctray xml format” (see below) feed URLs. You can use config/cc_dashboard_config.rb.example as a template

  • Start the cc_dashboard Rails server by running the script/server script. If no arguments are supplied this will start the server on port 3332.

  • Point your web browser at the application root. e.g.



cc_dashboard has support for changing the look, or “skin”, of its dashboard page.

Built-in skins are:

  • doom - yep, the original first-person shooter Doom

  • hudson - some images borrowed from the Hudson continuous integration server

  • kitten - aaawww, how cute :)

  • smiley

  • spaceinvaders - yep, the arcade classic

You choose the skin by setting the value in the config/cc_dashboard_config.rb configuration file. You can also choose the skin per-HTTP-request by adding a “?skin=SKIN” to the end of the URL (e.g. “?skin=hudson”).

“cctray xml format”

Originally developed for CruiseControl.NET, the “cctray xml format” is an RSS-like way of exposing the build status of projects. This format has caught on and is now supported by a number of continuous integration servers:

See Multiple Project Summary Reporting Standard for details of the cctray XML feed format. This doco is mostly correct, the only difference i've seen “in the wild” are:

  • An additional “Pending” activity

  • An additional “Unknown” status. I've seen Unknown reported by CruiseControl.rb when project builds are serialized (“Configuration.serialize_builds = true” set in .cruise/site_config.rb) and one build is waiting for another build to finish. I've seen Unknown reported by Hudson when a project is disabled.

Oh, cctray is a .NET application that sits in your Windows system tray and can alert you via popups or sounds when a project build is successful or fails. It is available as part of a CruiseControl.NET release.

ccmenu is a cctray equivalent for the Mac.

CruiseControl.rb cctray times in the wrong timezone bug

CruiseControl.rb versions 1.4.0 and 1.3.0 (and probably earlier versions) incorrectly report local server time as UTC in the cctray feeds. To fix change the following method in lib/time_formatter.rb

def round_trip_local(time)
  time.strftime('%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.0000000-00:00') # yyyy'-'MM'-'dd'T'HH':'mm':'ss.fffffffK)


def round_trip_local(time)

Supported Browsers

cc_dashboard has been tested successfully against Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8.

cc_dashboard does not render correctly using Internet Explorer 6 and I have no intention of supporting IE6 :)

License and Acknowledgements

The 'doom' skin images are copyright id Software. Special thanks to Phidias N. Bourlas for generating the original animated GIFs that were used to create the skin.

The 'hudson' skin images are copied from the Hudson continuous integration server, which copied most of its art work from Tango Project.

The 'smiley' skin favicons are derived from images from Tango Project, which are covered by the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License.

The 'spaceinvaders' images are derived from those on The History Of Space Invaders. Space Invaders copyright Taito Corp.

The rest of cc_dashboard is licensed under the terms of the the Apache 2.0 license. See for details.

The 'Chuck Norris Facts' widget was inspired by the Hudson Chuck Norris Plugin, which in turn was inspired by The Ultimate Top 25 Chuck Norris “The Programmer” Jokes. (Which I think was in turn inspired by

Other CruiseControl Aggregators

big-visible-cruise-web is Java servlet/Javascript webapp which remembers which builds you chose to show/hide.

bigvisiblewall is implemented in Scala and packaged as a Java web application.

cc_board is a Sinatra-based aggregator.

cc_monitor is a Ramaze-based aggregator. This was the main inspiration for cc_dashboard, but was not very robust at the time.

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