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Lightning Dev Kit Documentation

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Build the Documentation Locally

In order to build the website locally, you'll need Node.js >= 14.16 (or basically the latest LTS version).

The setup is straight forward:

# Install dependencies
npm install

# Serve locally (by default on port 8080)
npm start

Text Highlights

There are three types of text highlights that can be used to display different colored boxes.

A green box displaying a friendly tip:


A yellow box with a cautious warning:


A red box with a clear danger, you can also add a title foo to any container:

:::danger foo

SEO improvements

We are using the Vuepress SEO plugin to add relevant meta tags to the site and individual pages.

To improve the meta attributes of a specific page, you can add them as YAML frontmatter like this: (see the WooCommerce page for an example)

description: How to integrate LDK
- WooCommerce
- WordPress
- Plugin
- eCommerce
# LDK integration

This document explains how to **integrate LDK into your stack**.

Embedding YouTube videos

To add a YouTube video with a preview, you can so so by linking to it like this:


Note that the link item need to be a preview image (either from YouTube or a custom one) to result in an embedded video.

Check for broken links

The GitHub Actions pipeline checks for broken links after deploying the production site. You can also run the link check locally using npm run linkcheck:local. The dev server needs to be running alongside for this to work.