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Lightning mobile app

Getting started

This project was bootstrapped using Expo CLI as a bare project. You should only need react-native-cli for development not expo-cli. See the React Native CLI Getting Started Guide

Checking build dependencies

Ensure you have all the following dependencies installed for a complete development environment

  • node 10 LTS (brew install node@10)
  • react-native-cli (npm install -g react-native-cli)
  • watchman (brew install watchman)
  • go 1.13.x (brew install go@1.13)
  • protoc (brew install protobuf)
  • go get -u -v
  • gomobile (go get -u
  • falafel (go get -u

Required for iOS

  • Xcode
  • cocoapods 1.7.2 (brew install cocoapods)

Required for Android

Building lnd

Before running the app, we will build mobile binaries for lnd so GRPC calls can be made during runtime. From the lnd project root run:

make clean
gomobile init

Build the binaries for each platform

make ios        // only iOS
make android    // only Android
make mobile     // both iOS + Android

Next clone this project git clone and copy the lnd mobile binaries over to their respective directories:

  1. lnd/mobile/build/ios/Lndmobile.framework -> lightning-app/mobile/ios/lightning
  2. lnd/mobile/build/android/Lndmobile.aar -> lightning-app/mobile/android/Lndmobile

Running the app

Install dependencies

From the /lightning-app project root run

npm install
cd mobile
npm install
cd ios
pod install
cd ..

Start the app in the simulator

npm run ios
npm run android

Debug the app in Xcode or Android Studio

Start the metro development server

npm start

Then just open ios/LightningApp.xcworkspace in Xcode, or open the project in the android directory in Android Studio.

Generating release builds


  1. Open ios/LightningApp.xcworkspace from the finder on your mac
  2. From xcode set the active scheme to Release
  3. Set the build target as Generic iOS device
  4. Bump the version and build number in the project
  5. Build the Archive in the menu under Product -> Archive


  1. Open Android Studio
  2. Open the project in the android directory
  3. Bump the versionName and versionCode under app/build.gradle
  4. From the menu Build -> Clean Project
  5. From the menu Build -> Generate Signed Bundle / APK
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