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package autopilot
import (
// WeightedHeuristic is a tuple that associates a weight to an
// AttachmentHeuristic. This is used to determining a node's final score when
// querying several heuristics for scores.
type WeightedHeuristic struct {
// Weight is this AttachmentHeuristic's relative weight factor. It
// should be between 0.0 and 1.0.
Weight float64
// WeightedCombAttachment is an implementation of the AttachmentHeuristic
// interface that combines the scores given by several sub-heuristics into one.
type WeightedCombAttachment struct {
heuristics []*WeightedHeuristic
// NewWeightedCombAttachment creates a new instance of a WeightedCombAttachment.
func NewWeightedCombAttachment(h ...*WeightedHeuristic) (
*WeightedCombAttachment, error) {
// The sum of weights given to the sub-heuristics must sum to exactly
// 1.0.
var sum float64
for _, w := range h {
sum += w.Weight
if sum != 1.0 {
return nil, fmt.Errorf("weights MUST sum to 1.0 (was %v)", sum)
return &WeightedCombAttachment{
heuristics: h,
}, nil
// A compile time assertion to ensure WeightedCombAttachment meets the
// AttachmentHeuristic and ScoreSettable interfaces.
var _ AttachmentHeuristic = (*WeightedCombAttachment)(nil)
var _ ScoreSettable = (*WeightedCombAttachment)(nil)
// Name returns the name of this heuristic.
// NOTE: This is a part of the AttachmentHeuristic interface.
func (c *WeightedCombAttachment) Name() string {
return "weightedcomb"
// NodeScores is a method that given the current channel graph, current set of
// local channels and funds available, scores the given nodes according to the
// preference of opening a channel with them. The returned channel candidates
// maps the NodeID to an attachment directive containing a score and a channel
// size.
// The scores is determined by quering the set of sub-heuristics, then
// combining these scores into a final score according to the active
// configuration.
// The returned scores will be in the range [0, 1.0], where 0 indicates no
// improvement in connectivity if a channel is opened to this node, while 1.0
// is the maximum possible improvement in connectivity.
// NOTE: This is a part of the AttachmentHeuristic interface.
func (c *WeightedCombAttachment) NodeScores(g ChannelGraph, chans []Channel,
chanSize btcutil.Amount, nodes map[NodeID]struct{}) (
map[NodeID]*NodeScore, error) {
// We now query each heuristic to determine the score they give to the
// nodes for the given channel size.
var subScores []map[NodeID]*NodeScore
for _, h := range c.heuristics {
s, err := h.NodeScores(
g, chans, chanSize, nodes,
if err != nil {
return nil, fmt.Errorf("unable to get sub score: %v",
subScores = append(subScores, s)
// We combine the scores given by the sub-heuristics by using the
// heruistics' given weight factor.
scores := make(map[NodeID]*NodeScore)
for nID := range nodes {
score := &NodeScore{
NodeID: nID,
// Each sub-heuristic should have scored the node, if not it is
// implicitly given a zero score by that heuristic.
for i, h := range c.heuristics {
sub, ok := subScores[i][nID]
if !ok {
// Use the heuristic's weight factor to determine of
// how much weight we should give to this particular
// score.
score.Score += h.Weight * sub.Score
switch {
// Instead of adding a node with score 0 to the returned set,
// we just skip it.
case score.Score == 0:
// Sanity check the new score.
case score.Score < 0 || score.Score > 1.0:
return nil, fmt.Errorf("Invalid node score from "+
"combination: %v", score.Score)
scores[nID] = score
return scores, nil
// SetNodeScores is used to set the internal map from NodeIDs to scores. The
// passed scores must be in the range [0, 1.0]. The fist parameter is the name
// of the targeted heuristic, to allow recursively target specific
// sub-heuristics. The returned boolean indicates whether the targeted
// heuristic was found.
// Since this heuristic doesn't keep any internal scores, it will recursively
// apply the scores to its sub-heuristics.
// NOTE: This is a part of the ScoreSettable interface.
func (c *WeightedCombAttachment) SetNodeScores(targetHeuristic string,
newScores map[NodeID]float64) (bool, error) {
found := false
for _, h := range c.heuristics {
// It must be ScoreSettable to be available for external
// scores.
s, ok := h.AttachmentHeuristic.(ScoreSettable)
if !ok {
// Heuristic supports scoring, attempt to set them.
applied, err := s.SetNodeScores(targetHeuristic, newScores)
if err != nil {
return false, err
found = found || applied
return found, nil
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