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package input
import (
// Signer represents an abstract object capable of generating raw signatures as
// well as full complete input scripts given a valid SignDescriptor and
// transaction. This interface fully abstracts away signing paving the way for
// Signer implementations such as hardware wallets, hardware tokens, HSM's, or
// simply a regular wallet.
type Signer interface {
// SignOutputRaw generates a signature for the passed transaction
// according to the data within the passed SignDescriptor.
// NOTE: The resulting signature should be void of a sighash byte.
SignOutputRaw(tx *wire.MsgTx, signDesc *SignDescriptor) ([]byte, error)
// ComputeInputScript generates a complete InputIndex for the passed
// transaction with the signature as defined within the passed
// SignDescriptor. This method should be capable of generating the
// proper input script for both regular p2wkh output and p2wkh outputs
// nested within a regular p2sh output.
// NOTE: This method will ignore any tweak parameters set within the
// passed SignDescriptor as it assumes a set of typical script
// templates (p2wkh, np2wkh, etc).
ComputeInputScript(tx *wire.MsgTx, signDesc *SignDescriptor) (*Script, error)
// Script represents any script inputs required to redeem a previous
// output. This struct is used rather than just a witness, or scripSig in order
// to accommodate nested p2sh which utilizes both types of input scripts.
type Script struct {
// Witness is the full witness stack required to unlock this output.
Witness wire.TxWitness
// SigScript will only be populated if this is an input script sweeping
// a nested p2sh output.
SigScript []byte
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