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Building mobile libraries



Install the dependencies for generating protobuf definitions as stated in lnrpc docs


Follow gomobile in order to install gomobile and dependencies.

Remember to run gomobile init (otherwise the lnd build might just hang).

Note that gomobile only supports building projects from GOPATH at this point.


Install falafel:

go get -u -v

Building lnd for iOS

make ios

Building lnd for Android

make android

make mobile will build both iOS and Android libs.


After the build has succeeded, the libraries will be found in mobile/build/ios/Lndmobile.framework and mobile/build/android/Lndmobile.aar. Reference your platforms' SDK documentation for how to add the library to your project.

Generating proto definitions for your language.

In order to call the methods in the generated library, the serialized proto for the given RPC call must be provided. Similarly, the response will be a serialized proto.

In order to generate protobuf definitions for your language of choice, add the proto plugin to the protoc invocations found in For instance to generate protos for Swift, add --swift_out=. and run make rpc.


Similar to lnd, subservers can be conditionally compiled with the build by setting the tags argument:

make ios tags="routerrpc"

To support subservers that have APIs with name conflicts, pass the "prefix" flag. This will add the subserver name as a prefix to each method name:

make ios tags="routerrpc" prefix=1

API docs


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