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This repository contains the front-end code of - the most comprehensive directory of stores that accept bitcoin through lightning. The server fetches some files from this repository - including sites.json, wallets.json, services.json and donationAdresses.json. A pull request to one of these files will therefore affect what is seen on the website.

Please check the redesign branch which currently has the most recent code.

FAQ and contact information

Please visit:


How to add a wallet

Go to wallets.json and add an entry with information like in this example:

    "name":"eclair wallet",
    "release":"April 2018"

There can be missing information in the entry except for name and page.

How to add a store

Should be done using the button on the bottom right corner of the main page that says with a (+) sign. If you don't want to pay the listing fee you can contact us and we may add your website for free or, if you are a trusted member of the community, give you a code that will allow you to add any store for free.

As a last resource, a pull request can be made:

Mainnet store

Go to sites.json and add an entry with the folowing information:

"href": "the_website_of_the_store",
"uri": "nodeID@IP:port" OR "unknown",
"name": "name_of_the_store",
"description": "small_description_of_the_store",
"sector": choose from: technology/security/clothing/exchange/food/games&casino/other (new sectors also welcome),
"digital_goods":choose from yes/no, goods shipped/no, goods only in-store,

Example entry:

  "description":"Buy and sell articles with other members",


The added field is the UNIX timestamp in seconds (seconds after 1st of January 1970) of thje current time (you can find it here New sectors can be added later, so feel free to put another new sector

Hint: Careful with the commas, make sure your the new file has no syntax errors. Use to check your changes.