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  • process.nextTick to keep mocha test-stacks under control.


  • Silent installer


  • built in mkdirp module
  • fs.stat, fs.mkdirSync, fs.rmdirSync


  • module system based on nodejs allowing xpcwindow to run a much greater verity of nodejs scripts.

  • built in xpcwindow-mocha test runner. Using un-modified mocha ~1.0 browser code with cli options. Base mocha-bin can be used to wrap different versions of mocha if the bundled one is out of date.

  • window.xpcArgv is now compatible with the nodejs style argv. ['/../xpcwindow', 'file_your_executing', 'etc...']

  • built in modules from node: path, event, process

  • basic fs module: fs.readFileSync, fs.writeFileSync, fs.unlinkSync

  • error handling when requring/importing files.

  • directly bundling debug module until npm will run

  • bundlded xpcshell installer code use xpcwindow --install-xulrunner


  • Change to use real TCP socket api and use real one when available.


  • Adding stack formatter (window.xpcError).