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To compile this software you need to install development packages for llvm-2.7,
sdl, opengl, curl, zlib, libavcodec, ftgl, libglew, fontconfig, pcre.
If sound is enabled (on by default), you will also need the development package
for pulseaudio-libs.
If the browser plugin is enabled (off by default), you will need the development
package for xulrunner.
Install also cmake and nasm.
To build the software please follow these steps.
1) cd lightspark
2) mkdir objs
3) cd objs
5) make
6) sudo make install
To enable debug mode change the cmake command like this:
CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE available: Debug Release RelWithDebInfo Profile
Sound support may be disabled using the following option: -DENABLE_SOUND=0
Using `make install`, lightspark is installed in the system wide Firefox plugin
path and Firefox should show it in the about:plugins list and in the
Tools->Add-ons->Plugins window.
Lightspark registers itself as the plugin for application/x-shockwave-flash and
for application/x-lightspark, so it should be recognisable in the about:plugins
page. Its description string is "Shockwave Flash 10.0 r<current version>". The
current version is now "r443".
Firefox is not able to deal very well with multiple plugins for the same MIME
type. If you only see a black box where a flash app should be try to remove any
other flash plugin you have installed.
You may try it on some known-to-work movies:
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