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lightspark: An open source flash player implementation
* Fix YouTube breakage
* Fix YouTube breakage
* Fix YouTube breakage
* Add support for AMF3 parsing
* Experimental support for PowerPC Linux
Version 0.4.5
* Added --version command line option
Version 0.4.5 RC1:
* Use Advanced Graphics Engine
* Masking and clipping support
* Add support for cross-domain policy files
* Pluginized architecture for audio backends
* Disk based caching for downloads
* Fixes a crash when using flashblock
Version 0.4.4:
* Localization support
* Exception handling support
* More robust network handling
* Stream controls (Play/Pause)
Version 0.4.3:
* Liquid layout support
* Several small bug fixes
Version 0.4.3 RC1:
* Faster rendering of the input layer
* Reduced memory consumption
* Support for H263/MP3 videos
* Smoother playback of audio and video
* Bugfix release
* Fallback on Gnash for older clips
* Small bugfix
Version 0.4.2:
* Use fontconfig to select fonts
* Nore efficient handling of read only strings
* Greater compatibility with youtube videos
* Better compatibility with radeon cards
* Sound synchronization
* Chrome/Chromium support
* Firefox's OOPP support
Version 0.4.1:
* Optimized rendering of simple graphics
* First youtube support
Version 0.4.0 RC3:
* Also use NPOT if available
Version 0.4.0 RC2:
* Better support for older intel cards
Version 0.4.0 RC1:
* Better stability, the plugin should not crash
* Use Power-Of-Two sized textures for better compatibility
Version 0.3.9:
* More complete cleanup of GL resources
Version 0.3.8:
* Solved deadlock issues when using FlashBlock
Version 0.3.7:
* Improved stability and relaxed graphics requirements
Version 0.3.6:
* Be more careful about glew initialization
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