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Lightspark third Technical demo README
First of all I'd like to thank you for testing the lightspark project,
the current status is kind of stable, although not ready for end users
Be aware that the following feature are not yet supported or stable enough to be include in the demo
-) Sound support
-) Input support
-) Antialiasing
This demo already includes a lot of cool features
-) GLSL based rendering of fill styles (eg. gradients)
-) LLVM based ActionScript execution. Code is compiled just in time
-) A few tricks are also played to decrease the stack traffic tipical of stack machines.
-) First, although simple, framerate timing
-) Framework to handle ActionScript asynchronous events.
Currently only 64bit platforms with SSE2 extension are supported. Support for 32bit and previous processor will
be ready soon.
To compile this software you need to install development packages for llvm-2.7, sdl, opengl, curl, libavcodec, ftgl, libglew
Install also cmake and nasm.
To build the software please follow those steps.
1) cd lightspark
2) mkdir objs
3) cd objs
5) make
6) sudo make install
To enable debug mode change the cmake command like this:
This demo aims at rendering, the runtime generated UI of the new YouTube player. Recently YouTube switched
to Flash 10 and AS3 to serve some HD content, while maintaining the old AS2 based player for lower quality content.
-) First of all download the YouTube player SWF file.
-) The player works by gathering the parameters from the Javascript in the page. Lightspark support loading parameters from a text file
using the --parameters-file command line. Create a suitable parameters file using the following commands
cd scripts
./ > ../yt-args
cd ..
-) Execute the file, this will render the usual UI of the YouTube player and decoded video, no sound is played yet
lightspark --parameters-file yt-args watch_as3-vfl155676.swf
Press 'Q' on Lightspark window to close the application
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